EP 650: Horse Sense for Runners: Endurance Insights from the Stable

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This is a episode on our series we call, Endurance off the Trail, where we look at other endurance sports and see what we can learn from them to make us better trail runners.  

In this episode, we talk about the endurance event that preceeded the Western States Endurance run, The Tevis Cup.  This is a 100-mile endurance event that follows the Western States trail by man and their partner horse.

We are honored to talk with a legend of this race, Hal Hall. Hal, an Auburn native has completed this race 32 times and holds the record for the most top-10 finishes (14) and three championships beginning at the age of 14!  He has also competed internationally. 

With Hal’s expertise in horse conditioning for the race, we thought he could teach us something about human conditioning.

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Episode 650