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Super carbs and super starches can be super confusing, but not for Sports Nutritionist Sunny Blende. She gives us the skinny on a new performance enhancing fuel source. Not convinced? We learn that ultrarunner of the year Dave Mackey used this new product at Bandera 100K.

Sunny’s Website:
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  • Hey guys, listened to your podcast and I don’t want to douse your buzz on this stuff, but check out what Ben Greenfield at has to say about it. I think it was episode #179. If you want real unbiased info on fitness and nutrition Greenfield is usually right on. Keep up the good work !

    • Thanks Andy I will check it out! We can listen and give a follow up. I can be hopeful there is a super fuel can’t I ??!!! 🙂

  • Andy – I listened to the Ben Greenfield podcast you mentioned and it does contradict some of what Sunny says. I ended up listening to more podcast and Ben had an expert on that also claimed eating 2 hours before and endurance activity can have a negative impact. I personally haven’t experienced the crash, but maybe I could have done better without the carb loading pre-race.

    Ben’s podcast is great! Thanks for bringing it our attention!

    Anyway, thanks for the podcast guys. Keep up the good work!

  • Hammer Nutrition says not to eat within that 3 hour window of an event. I’m freakin’ starving to death on the starting line if I do that!!

    Gener8 has gluten, a heads up for all our gluten-free friends!

  • Hey guys, I came across this article a couple of months ago and it seems like it may be useful to answers some of these pre-exercise CHO intake questions. This study looks at CHO feeding at various pre-exercise times, insulin, blood glucose levels and performance. Its pretty interesting in that CHO before exercise did affect insulin and blood glucose levels in some people but had no effect on performance overall. Its not too long to read through

    Jeukendrup AE, Killer SC. The myths surrounding pre-exercise carbohydrate feeding. Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism. 2010;57 (suppl 2):18-25

  • I have personally used Vitargo S2 for the last 3+ years and have seen my training and recovery times improve dramatically. Of course, this has also increased my performance in races along with it (if you want more details get in touch with me). My performance improve has been in direct correlation to when I am and I am not using Vitargo. As Sunny mentioned, I have (along with my teammates) mixed Vitargo during races to consume over 1,000 calories an hour. For specific events that like ultra distance and multi-day events it is THE edge because of some of the key things that mentioned in the podcast and on their website.

    I am commenting just to clarify a few things. Vitargo is also not a waxy maize it is a patented molecular carbohydrate that is Gluten free. Check the link below and the label. It is derived from barley so it is not like other sugar or maltodextrin and the research completed has been on the exact product that is for sale in stores not just some of the ingredients. They have done the research and testing. Have you?

  • Not all athletes can take Vitargo, for stomach failure reasons. I, for one, has twice tried Vitargo and the carbs and starches is just too hard to process. It ended with DNS twice. The “waxy maize” in Maxim is just fine as fuel intake or as carbo loader.

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