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Holiday Game Show – Year 2: The Revolution

is our second annual holiday game show edition!  We pinned the European Union against the East Coast of the USA.This year Andy Jones-Wilkins and Warren Pole rejoin with team mates Donna Ní Cuarta and Ashley Walsh. Team UK   Team USA The Nation goes...

warren pole

Warren Pole – Chaffage, Hobos and Underwear

Pole returns to TRN for a spirited round of Grab Bag.  There are only 2 rules in TRN Grab Bag: 1.  Come with two topics. 2. Be prepared to comment on every topic.  Some topics that came out of the grab bag: Are ultrarunners becoming hobos? underwear...

Warren Pole in person!

Pole joins the Nation in person!  The authorities let Warren and his wife Erica into the U.S. with their TRN work visa.  We were able to not only have a great trail running discussion, but also break bread and share 18 miles of the Western States...

Warren Pole – Thoughts from London

Change out of your spandex triathlete shorts and make sure you aren't drinking during this podcast (you may find milk coming out your nose in a fit of laughter). Warren Pole discusses three things that have been on his mind recently.


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