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Bryon Powell of irunfar
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Bryon Powell of irunfar
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bryon powell

Bryon Powell is an accomplished runner, placing in the top 10 of Leadville 100 and winning his age group (under 30) at Western States 100. But he is also the Runner-in-Chief of irunfar, a website dedicated to bringing ultrarunners timely news, race coverage and results, gear reviews, running advice and coaching. irunfar was voted one of Outside Magazines “Top Running Blogs” in 2011 and a premier website for all things ultra. Over the years it has grown into an all-star team of runner/writers that share information to our community.

Bryon is also the author of “Relentless Forward Progress”, a comprehensive owner’s manual for ultra/trail running.  It has 230 pages of advice and stories that will help the newer runner and experienced veteran alike.

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  1. This was the first book I read on training. Great resource and I still use the training plan templates from the book.

    • Andrew, I agree. Bryon has agreed to come back on and talk specifically about some of the concepts. I think this will be interesting. He has a lot of “on the job training” in this area.

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