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It’s nice to have a pair of recovery sandals going to and from the trails.  I will be reviewing the Zoot Recovery Slide ($50).



The Zoot Recovery Slide is a custom-fit sandal that molds right to your feet. The molding instructions specify placing the sandals in 225 F (107 C) oven for 3 minutes, remove and place immediately on your feet, standing with weight equally balanced for 2 minutes. I was hesitant to first, put plastic in the oven and second, put something hot on my feet. However, it was easy and resulted in a comfortable, custom-fit sandal.


After Molding (Notice the toe prints)
Tentacle-like Outsole (Great Traction)



I really enjoy slipping into the Zoot Recovery Slide before running the trails, but am especially fond of them afterward, because they allow my feet to breathe, offer comfort, and help keep the vehicle clean—yes, I am a clean freak.  I can remove my dirt-covered running shoes, slip these sandals on, get in the vehicle and go.  They are very comfortable (even before molding). The self-mold process is simple and since it is not a flip-flop design they can be used with any type of sock.  As an added bonus, the tentacle-like outsole provides great traction.



  • Design – Slide
  • Footbed – Moldable
  • Made In – China

Weight Breakdown



The Zoot Recovery Slide is a perfect pre- and post-run treat for your feet. It is moldable and slides on with any type of sock. They are a great solution to keeping your feet comfortable after a run, while also keeping your vehicle free of debris. I would recommend the Zoot Recovery Slide.

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