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  • Very much enjoying this podcast!
    my last 50k was frustrating because it was awful and I did everything perfect leading up to the race. I was wallowing in a dark mire till a friend ran by and reminded me that I could just choose to have fun with what was left of the race. Jimmy Dean’s comments on focusing on what one can do next to get out of the bad place instead of how one got their. This is very useful information! I hope I can remember this lesson late in the race.
    Thanks guys for another great podcast!

    • Don – you forget a lot after every run. Its seems with each day the muscles start feeling better, the mind starts to forget why the muscles hurt.

  • fun podcast. great banter back and forth. Never ran a 100miler. just getting to my 2nd 50K in a week. But I enjoy the discussion, b/c every race has low points and high points. We choose to sign up for these events. We train for the events but life is always changing around us, so your points on pushing through the day, accepting defeat graciously or pushing through to a finish is key in all events.
    Jimmy – come to SJ and race the Quicksilver 50K or 50miler next year. We’d love to have you and your coyotes on our trails (I see the real ones pretty often)

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