Skora Women’s Form Shoe Review

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Initial impression

  • Cute design and color scheme
  • Durable leather upper
  • Interesting variation of lugs
  • Offset lacing pattern
  • Sockliner…no need for socks!
  • Comfortable insert
  • Super flexible
  • Adjustable healstrap

Technical Jargon

  • Retail: $185
  • Weight: 8.2 oz
  • Drop: ZERO!


Skora running company truly lives by their motto, “Run Real”. Right out of the box these shoes were unique. The company pays attention to detail making even a cool box so you are excited to receive your shoes from the get go! The box is reusable as a receptacle for dirty trail shoes, it is made out of magnetic closures! In the box comes your fashionable trail shoes along with a pair of spare laces, how cool is that?! This shoe is defiantly unique in its looks, with an offset lacing system and an upper made of real goat leather (can you say quality?!). The heal offers a one of a kind personalized fit through a velcro system that allows the user to control how much cupping there really want their heal to feel. The inside of this shoe provide comfort to those that enjoy running sock free. The ortholite insert is comfortable and flexible while the walls of the shoe are lined with sheepskin. This shoe offers a wide toe box and allows for additional comfort over the top of the foot provided through its offset lacing pattern. Out of the box walking in these shoes felt different. The unique sole pattern of these shoes forces a more anatomically correct gait. With a curved out forefoot this design encourages a natural medial to lateral roll. Aside from the forefoot design, the heel is designed to mimic the natural formation of the heal in a curved design, again providing for a natural gait. This shoe is a step above all the other “minimalist” designs on the basis of quality. You cannot beat their cool design and top notch materials. The price tag may hurt at first, but you will be pleasantly surprised on how this shoe handles the trails. I was a little disappointed in the lug design, these shoes felt a little “slippery” on technical downhill.  These shoes made for great road companions, although I did not test them at high mileage. I did appreciate the hearty upper made from goat leather, however, they made my feet feel a bit hot out on the trails. I think these shoes may be reserved for short road roads and around town jaunts. These shoes do an excellent job of encouraging the runner to pay attention to form, otherwise you will be paying after your run (ouch, my heals!). RUN REAL, RUN SKORA!


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