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Sally McRae joins us to talk about the most common questions and issues she is asked by the athletes she coaches:

  • How do I deal with injuries?
  • How much do I need to run?
  • What about Cross Training?
  • Nutrition?
  • Why are you the “yellow runner”?
  • How do you balance being a Mom, business owner, coach and STILL find time for your personal training?

We mentioned the podcast we did with Jay Dicharry about his book  “Anatomy For Runners”

You can also join a cool running club if you live in southern CA called the R.O.C. Trails

We talked about Anton Krupicka’s 14er challenge recently.  HERE is more information on the challenge.  You can read more on ANTON’S BLOG

Closing song: “Gettin Hot In Here” by Nelly

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  • I have to take issue with the importance of“listening to your body.” The implication I’ve heard far too often is that if you listen to your body, you should take it easy.

    One’s body speaks its own unique language, and the goal of training is not only to learn that language so that you can listen and slow down, but so that you listen to your body’s arguments and disagree. In a sport that has such a hugely important mental aspect, you have to learn to disregard your body’s complaints. It is a training philosophy that can be summarized simply: train to become comfortable with discomfort. Practically, this means don’t be afraid to run early, run late, run fast, run hot, run cold, run long, run hungry,run tired, all specifically because it is hard. This is not listening to the body and heeding its demands, but listening and saying “no, I’m not done yet.” That’s how you get to the finish line in a 100 mile race. Sure, there’s a limit to this sort of training, but with all this talk of heart rate monitoring, diligent core work, “train, don’t strain,” strict dietary monitoring, etc., let’s not forget the importance of just getting out there and going hard, even when it hurts, because it hurts. It’s the difference between feeling in control of a run, or letting the trail control you.

    Sometimes it’s appropriate to “listen”. Just sometimes.

  • Great podcast thanks for inspiration and stating the facts. There is no “one” way to train and what works for others may not hurt you. Thanks for being honest about schedules and the commitments that get in the way of training.

  • Great podcast! I enjoyed all the content. I listened to it on one of my runs and I was especially inspired by the ‘yellow runner’ explanation, the important, lasting accomplishments in life coming from doing things for others vs the fleeting moments of individual performances.

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