Sock Doc Talks about Faith’s spray-on-tan and crossfit peeing

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Scott & Don

Dr. Steven Gangemi joins Faith, Don and Scott to talk about important trail running topics:

  • Spray on tans.
  • Groupon.
  • Glycemic index.
  • Trigeeks.
  • Crossfit peeing.
  • Knee pain.
  • Groupon.
  • Is orange the new tan?
  • Running depression.
  • Spray on tanning.
  • Waking up at night hungry.
  • Racing too often.
  • Skippy Super Chunk Peanut Butter.
  • Periodization.
  • Groupon. Simple!

We mentioned this podcast we did a year ago on Metabolic Efficiency Training with Sunny Blende and Tim Flemming the Podcast with Anna Hughes on Mental Training.

Learn more about Dr. Gangemi’s Training & Treatment Workshops, click HERE

Closing song: “Mausam and Escape” by A.R. Rahman

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