Gordy Ainsleigh: Trail Running Makes Me Happy

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“One of the most wonderful things that has happened to the world is Trail Running”, says Gordy Ainsleigh in a face to face conversation we recently enjoyed.  Gordy talks about where ultra trail running has gone and his thoughts on where is is going.  He talks about his passion for the sport and his secret to life-long running.  He answers some of the Nation Members’ questions too.  Find out why Gordy believes in cotton t-shirts, grape juice and beards – even in the summer months.

Gordy has finished Western States 100 twenty-two times, most recently in June, 2007, though he unofficially completed the race in just over 30 hours (the official cuttoff) in 2010.  his fastest time is 20:55 in 1984, after starting 8 minutes late.

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  • Great podcast with Gordy! Keep’em coming… TRN is no doubt the best podcast for us trail runners. Great job guys ! Whats the name of “closing music” in this episode ? Thanks !

  • What an awesome podcast! I like Gordy’s simple and basic perspective on running. Keep miles reasonable, but work hard! Gonna have to try grape juice and salt!

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