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Karl Meltzer is the record holder for the most 100-mile trail wins and most 100-mile wins in one season.  He joined the Nation with a studio audience the day before Way Too Cool 50K to discuss his race strategies:

  • How does he break up a 100-mile race
  • How does he alter his training when he is injured
  • How has his training changed over the years
  • His multi-day records and upcoming attempt to break the 2200-mile Appalachian Trail record
  • How is a multi-day race different mentally and physically from a 100-mile race

He also talks about Wings For Life World Run coming up on May 4th.  100% of the $50 race fee goes to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.

Check out this video of Karl’s Red Bull Human Express, his 2064-mile Pony Express record run in 2010.

“Race Course in Review” by Vasque Running Shoes

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  • Great post!
    Would it be possible to link directly to the mp3 of podcasts, as downloading them on tablets to trasnfer to mp3 devices isn’t possible without viewing the page source and pulling the url direectly!


  • I’m not a competitive racer, but I loved listening to his strategies and training. It’s nice to hear about elite runners who don’t stress about the training and the measurements; they just run, man. That’s what it’s all about.

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