Trail Running Stories – Fact or Fiction?

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Scott & Don

Team Beast Coast, Andy Jones-Wilkins and Ashley Walsh,  won our last game show, “$100,000 Pyramid – Nation Style“.  They join The Nation along with two additional West Coast teams

Team “Smells Like Wasatch Spirit”, Jimmy Dean Freeman and Deirdre Greenholz

Team “Over Here”, Don and Scott (we made up the game and the rules = Advantage😂)

Each participant came to the podcast with 2 items, either fact or fiction.  The other teams guess if it is either.  Losers have to run 3000′ of vert.

Ashley’s Smoky Mountain Memories Trail Camps

Jimmy Dean Freeman’s SoCal Coyotes

Andy’s CTS Coaching Services

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  • This was a great show! 🙂 Just trying to catch up. Out on a long run with my trusty AfterShokz! Lots of laughing out loud to myself into the forest.

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