Life in a Day – 4 Inspiring Women

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Film-maker Billy Yang joins The Nation to introduce the characters of his recent film, “Life in a Day”an inspirational story four women running the 2016 Western States 100.  Billy, Magda, Anna Mae, and Devon join us to talk about the race and the film.

Magdalena Boulet
Anna Mae Flynn

Devon Yanko

Kaci Lickteig (unable to join us)

After screening his film in many locations, Billy will be making it available to watch on his web site and youtube channel.


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  • Almost all my runs are solitary. But listening to your discussion of community reminded me of some of the discussion on community in my current Audible book, Thomas Friedman’s Thank you for Being Late, where he talks about how communities can form electronically through social media such as your podcast. Keep up the good work.

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