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Leadman*, ultrarunner, sports dietitian and former olympic athlete coach, Bob Seebohar says that we should, “eat to train, not train to eat”. Our fueling is as important in our training as aerobic and anaerobic training. Bob even wrote the book on it, Metabolic Efficiency Training, Teaching the Body to Burn More Fat.

He discusses the simple methodology he prescribes to athletes to help them improve their nutrition and fuel burning with periodization and the simple “hand method” of fueling.

Bob owns and runs eNRGPerformace in Colorado, but consults virtually with athletes.

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Get the book and participate in a training plan with Bob on a future podcast episode(s).

*Completing all six Leadville endurance events in 7 weeks

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  • Nice episode!
    For the last ultra I ran, I used the Agile / scrum method, as we do in the office when developing software.
    I planned ‘sprints’ of 3 weeks in which I experimented with nutrition / clothing / training. After 3 weeks I evaluated, and I kept what worked. In the following ‘sprint’ 3 weeks I tried to improve things further. Some gels (brands) fell off quickly, and finally after 6 ‘sprints’ (18 weeks) I found a good balance and I improved my PB by 1.5 hours!

    • Wouter, Very interesting approach. I have also learned about and used the Agile/scrum method with software developing and taking the same approach with nutrition is brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

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Episode 517