EP 521: A Runner’s High with Dean Karnazes

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We all love a good story about trail running. In Dean Karnazes’ latest book, “A Runners High – My Life in Motion”, he tells stories that you will easily draw you in and might remind you of similar situations that you might have been in. The stories will make you laugh, questions our sanity as runner, and make you think about life and running.

Listen to Dean’s previous episode, “Who is Dean Karnazes?”

Dean is an accomplished author of four other best sellers:

To learn more about Dean, visit his web site:

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  • Can you please LIFT baseline (or whatever it’s called) volume during recording? I’ve downloaded episode as mp3, but can’t listen to it on my mp3-player even at my highest volume, because your baseline (again, whatever it’s called) volume is simply to low. I currently have some ten episodes from other shows on same player, with no problem to any of them – so it must be a recording setting problem on your side (or post production (or whatever that’s called) problem).

    • Sorry for the delayed response Peter. Can you check some of the latest episodes and let me know if the issue is still there?

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Episode 521