EP 537: When Your Doctor Says, “Stop Running”

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Most of us inevitably recruit a team that support our running.  This could be a running partner, coach, crew, pacers, etc.  One key teammate that you might consider is an Athletic Trainer.  

Guest co-host, Krissy Moehl, shares her experience with having someone on her team that helps maintain her body through activation, recovery and treatment.

Kerry Gustafson is owner of Prime Sports Institute, an athletic training facility providing a team approach to health care in Bellingham, Washington.  Kerry explains that athletic trainers are the “point guard” for your care.  Traditionally these athletic trainers are found on the sidelines of collegiate or professional sports teams.  Now their services are available for the amateur runner!

To find an athletic trainer near you, try Go4Ellis

Check out Prime Sports Institute’s online Yoga for runners program or call for a remote consultation.

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Episode 537