EP 547: Remember to LIVE!

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Dr. Gordon Harvey is a Professor of history at Jacksonville State University.  He is also a seasoned ultra runner with dozens of finishes under his belt.  He has a pendant that says, “Memento mori and memento vivere” – Remember that you must die, and remember to live.

Gordon joins The Nation to talk about his recent experience training and running the Pinhoti 100.  This was a race to prove that his first 100-mile finish wan’t a “fluke”.  But there were obstacles and set backs in his training, including a heart attack and surgery less than one year before the race.  Gordon shares his not-so-unique story with us and helps us understand and cope with the process and the result.

Read more about his Pinhoti 100 journey HERE

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  • Thank you for this particular episode. It helps greatly as I am recovering from my own DNF of a 120k race in September (although I tried to follow your 7 S to finishing any long run). Too often, podcasts neglect the DNF’s, difficulties and plain suck many back of the packers experience and instead focus on the extraordinary feats of elite runners. Great episode, great podcast. Many thanks to Gordon and to the hosts.

  • I really enjoyed this episode. I was a listener of Gordon’s Running to Disney podcast several years ago, so great to hear an update.
    I am also an ultrarunner that suffered a heart attack in October, so found Gordon’s recovery story really interesting. (since I am hopefully on a similar journey)

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Episode 547