EP 567: 5 Secrets Pros Do That Can Help You Regardless of Your Ability

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Head Coach and Executive Director of the Hoka Northern Arizona Elite Team, aka Hoka NAZ Elite, Ben Rosario helps us understand how the pros train.  You might be surprised that there are many things they do that you can too!  Regardless of your ability level, age, or experience, we can learn some key principles that will help us run faster and/or further.  

  1. Sleep
  2. Nutrition
  3. Strength Training (you don’t have to have a gym membership)
  4. Stretching
  5. Taking it easy on easy days
  6. BONUS – Pacing

You can learn more in the book he co-authored with Matt Fitzgerald, In their new book, Run Like a Pro (Even If You’re Slow): Elite Tools and Tips for Runners at Every Level,  they help us understand that we can reach our potential if we include some of these training techniques and strategies.

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Episode 567