EP 626: The Trail of Time – Longterm Nutrition Tips

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Regardless of your age, all of us are getting older.  Do nutritional needs change as we age? 

As trail runners, we know the incredible impact that nutrition can have on our performance. But as we age, our bodies undergo changes that require a more strategic and mindful approach to fueling ourselves for the long run. That’s why, in this episode, we dive deep into the fascinating world of longevity nutrition strategies, focusing on those specifically designed for the aging athlete.  Returning TRN friend, Bob Seebohar, helps us uncover some strategies.

Here is the link to the study Bob mentions about Daily Energy Expenditure Through the Human Life Course

Bob developed the groundbreaking Metabolic Efficiency training approach, which helps athletes to optimize their nutrition and fueling strategies to achieve their performance goals. He has also authored several books on sports nutrition, including “Nutrition Periodization for Endurance Athletes” and “Metabolic Efficiency Training: Teaching the Body to Burn More Fat”.

Bob Seebohar is a board certified specialist in sports dietetics, exercise physiology, and an NSCA certified strength and conditioning coach.  He is also the sports dietitian for the University of Denver women’s gymnastic team and the University of Denver Athletics Department.

If you want to learn more about Bob and his services including his books, articles, coaching services, nutrition and more, visit ENRGPERFORMANCE.  He is also the co-host of the podcast Inside Sports Nutrition with Dina Griffin.

Check out the tasty healthy snacks he invented at All-Around Snack Company.

He has been on TRN a couple other times including these great episodes:

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Episode 626