EP 627: How to Tame Your Next Adventure

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Dr. Joe Uhan, a renowned physical therapist, board-certified orthopedic specialist, functional manual therapist, and USATF Level 2 coach. Oh, and did I mention he’s an accomplished runner too?

He’s here to share his unique perspective on the iconic Western States 100, a race that he has not only experienced firsthand but has an intriguing take on. Today, we’ll be discussing why many have referred to Western States as a “killing machine,” and more importantly, how to tame or silence this relentless beast. We reference the great two-part article Joe wrote at iRunFar nine years ago:

But don’t worry if you’re not one of the lucky 381 runners who will be tackling Western States this year. Our conversation will offer valuable principles that can help you in your own runs and races, no matter the distance or terrain.

How to Silence the Killing Machine:

  • Step 1: Prepare to Problem Solve
  • Step 2: The Mental Taper
  • Step 3: Turning Inward
  • Step 4: Presence and Perspective
  • Step 5: Don’t. Panic.
  • Step 6: The Will to Finish Trumps All
  • Step 7: Like a Marble in the Groove

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Episode 627