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[tabs] [tab title=”Description” ] Have you ever considered what a coach could do for your Trail Game? Join champion ultra runner and ultraMOM Liza Howard as we discuss the advantages of a coach and how to locate the right one for you. Guess what…Liza Howard has a coach too! Liza can be found at

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  • Good questions & information. Liza is just how she sounds – fun, positive, & very interested in passing on knowledge about ultra-running!

  • Great interview, but who pronounced “Javelina Jundred” with a hard “J?” It’s pronounced Have-a-leena Hun-dred 🙂

    (And I know this since both Liza and Hal KICKED MY ASS during that race, my first 100).

    Keep up the great work!

  • Listened to this the other day and couldn’t get past the fact that she nursed her son at aid stations during the Rocky Racoon. How rad is that, seriously?! Amazing and inspiring all around. Oh and also appreciated her feedback on getting a coach.

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