EP 496: Ask The Coaches- Answering Your Training Questions

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Coaches Ian SharmanDavid Roche and Krissy Moehl rejoin The Nation to answer questions you submitted via social media. Topics include:

  • Taking time off after a big race
  • How to be safe on the trails
  • How to know you are ready for the next challenge
  • Are back to back trainings necessary?
  • How to incorporate stationary bike into training
  • How to increase training duration and/or time

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  • Animal safety tips are great, unless you’re in grizz country. Matching energy “they get big, you get big,” is a great way to appear as a threat get eaten! Music from phone and bells aren’t as effective as repeatedly yelling “hey bear” and being with a group. Bear spray is highly recommended as well.

  • Dear coaches,
    Does a coach or trainer need to have stood or stands (presently) on the podium to be credible?
    How can you build you credability – business now, when running has become so popular and many runners are becoming coaches.
    Do you need to show your credentials and diplomas or having a porfolio of trained “athletes” runners better for credability?
    Thank you in advance and hope to one day run with yáll on the USA trails
    I live in Munich, Germany
    So, “Run más” from Germany

    • Hey Raymond,
      Good questions. It is always good to have a coach that has some knowledge and WISDOM. They can get that in many different ways: diplomas, personal experience, track record, etc. Laufen Sie mehr. 🙂

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Episode 496