EP 510: Moms Run This Trail

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How do you adapt to the changes the body goes through during and after pregnancy? We talk with three mothers: Sally McRae, Anna Frost, and Stephanie Howe about their expectations and experiences.

You can find out more about Anna Frost’s coaching and her jewelry at her web site.

Make sure you check out Stephanie’s web site for coaching or nutritional consultation.

Sally can be found HERE for coaching and inspiration.

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  • Hi Guys,

    I am a regular listener to your great podcast, I am usually interested in developments in training and nutrition (Dr Phil Maffetone especially) but I write to regarding Ep. 510 ‘Mom’s run this trail’ – to say thank you very very much for giving the three great guests an avenue to tell us what we really need to know about being parents. Sally McRae’s story and her perspective is as amazing as it is important.

    Thanks again,


    • Cadel, Thanks for the nice message. Sally, Stephanie and Anna are amazing people. We hope to make this a reoccurring discussion.

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Episode 510