EP 541: Improving Performance Through the Aggregation of Marginal Gains

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Adam Kimble and Strava Co-Founder, Mark Gainey, were recently talking about Eliud Kipchoge’s attempt at the sub 2-hour marathon.  They focused on every little detail that his team worked on improving. These small improvements can make a big difference.  How can we implement this strategy in our lives?  

British Cycling Team Performance Director, Dave Brailsford, did this with the team back in 2003 turning their mediocre winless team into a powerhouse of competitors with his philosophy of the “aggregation of marginal gains”: tiny margins of improvement in everything they did.

Read more about the British cycling team from James Clear HERE

Here is the link to “Kipchoge: The Last Milestone”

Check out Adam Kimble’s new running journal, “Chasing Twilight” he wrote with Connor Crouch and Jim O’Brien

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Episode 541