EP 543: Wrapping Our Brain Around the Central Governor Theory – Part 1

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The central governor theory is based around the premise that the brain will override your physical ability to run and “shut the body down” before you’re able to do serious or permanent damage to yourself.

Dr. Joe Uhan, founder of Uhan Performance in Eugene (Physical Therapy, Coaching, Running Analysis) and is studying manual therapy fellow-in-training at Johnson & Johnson Physical Therapy in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Topics we cover in part 1:

  • What is the central governor
  • What the central governor does. Tries to determine how much output can the body give without catastrophe.
  • The central governor depends on all systems of the body. There’s the role of the different peripheral systems and then the central brain. Everyone’s Different.
  • How close to catastrophe does the central governor shut down the body?
  • How can we have a better relationship with our governor.
  • Which is easier to train; the peripheral systems or the brain?
  • Does the central governor fall out of shape?

We referenced the article Joe wrote in irunfar

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Episode 543