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Endurance runners love to eat!  However nutrition for endurance running can be a moving target.  Experimentation is key and once you think you have it figured out, you don’t.  We found four nutritional experts to help us understand more about nutrition.  

  • Meredith Terranova, experienced ultra runner, swimmer and athlete with a degree in Human Nutrition and Consumer Science.  Check out her website with coaching options.
  • Matt Fitzgerald, Athlete, Coach, Author and Speaker is a certified sports nutritionist including many on nutrition.  Check out his new running camp concept, Endeavorun
  • Stephanie Howe is a PhD in Nutrition and Exercise Science and elite athlete.  Check out her coaching and web site with many great recipes
  • Bob Seebohar is a board certified specialist in Sports Dietetics and former director of sports nutrtition for the University of Florida and served as a sports dietitian for the US Olympic Committee.  Hire him as a coach
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Episode 583