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What if there was a nutrition training program that is NOT a calorie-deficient diet, NOT low-carb / Atkins-like, NO need to count calories, and requires NO special foods or supplements?

Our favorite nutritionist, Sunny Blende, teaches us how to train our metabolism: increase our fat burning enzymes so we can be efficient running machines!

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  • Can someone please provide links to any studies or research that confirms what Blende claims? Specifically the parts about conditioning the body to prefer fat for fuel via diet and training without talking in calories. I’m in an argument with a personal trainer who things those claims are impossible and I’d like to show him research.

  • I’ve started training for my first trail marathon, and I’m really interested in incorporating metabolic efficiency training into my lifestyle. Does anyone have any tips for making these long, sloooooow runs more bearable? To keep my heart rate in the right zone, it feels like a fast walk, albeit one that I could keep doing forever.

  • I have been semi-paleo for about 8 months, and have found great success incorporating its diet into my training. I found this podcast to be very informative, but fear that folks will not trust the basic content of the interview because of Ms. Blende’s erroneous comment regarding dark chocolate. Unless you are eating baking chocolate (I don’t know anyone who can stomach that!), all edible chocolate, including super dark bar chocolate, contains sugar. If your chocolate bar says 85% chocolate, what else do you suppose is in there?? Do as she suggests, and check the ingredients list, and you will see there is sugar in all bar chocolate. The higher the chocolate content, the better it is for you in terms of reducing the insulin response. Otherwise, a great podcase. Good luck, folks!

  • Weight training helps you to tone up your body,
    build more muscle, and burn off fat. Each time you eat, the metabolism increases, and over a 6-10 week period,
    that increase can parlay into another 2-3 pounds of fat loss.
    For them, they feel that their goals have been reached and that they have to celebrate.

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