Reflections of 2014 with AJW and Ian

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On your New Year’s run, tune into Andy Jones-Wilkins and Ian Torrence as they reflect on the highlights and changes in trail running in 2014.  Topics include:

  • Where has shoe evolution gone in 2014
  • “Don’t fool with Mother Nature”
  • Kilian’s dominance
  • Ultra Runners of the Year vs. longevity
  • Ian’s WS100 2015 training
  • Birth and rise of the 200-mile race
  • Changes in big race qualifications & how that drives changes in other races
  • Has our culture changed in 2014?
  • Growth of the sport
  • The rise of ultra coaches
  • The expansion of the trail running movies
  • 2015 predictions

You can get coaching from Ian at McMillan Running

You can get coaching from AJW via

AJW Race: Thomas Jefferson 100K

Ian Torrence Races: Flagstaff to Grand Canyon Stagecoach 100 M

Gaspin’ In the Aspen

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