EP 509: Get Stronger with Dr. Phil Maffetone

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How can we become stronger? Dr. Phil Maffetone joins us to uncover the simple yet effective way to improve our strength and improve our lifestyle.

Book: Get Strong: The natural, no-sweat, whole-body approach to stronger muscles and bones

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  • I read Dr. Phil’s new book and enjoyed it! I’ve employed the methodology since reading it, which was the same day I heard this episode. I do have one vital question about this.

    Do we need to be mindful of the mTOR pathway for strength gains and recovery in relation to the AMPK pathway for endurance gains and development? I’ll grant that typically people associate the mTOR pathway with increase in muscle fiber size. But, do we need to consider the activation of this pathway and time our endurance training accordingly, since the pathways inhibit each other? The AMPK pathway peaks during endurance training, while the mTOR pathway peaks after training is completed.

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Episode 509